IDP Clinic, Canberra, November 28-30, 2011

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The GA International Development Program (IDP) Clinic was held in Canberra this week following the National Club Championships...

95 of our best young gymnasts and their personal coaches attended the clinic representing 14 different High Performance programs from around the country.

The clinic was lead by National Junior Development Co-ordinator Jo Richards with experienced coaches – National Coach – Peggy Liddick, WAIS coach Peter Abbott, Acrobatics expert Melic Tishobaev and Choreographer Stacey Umeh leading the technical direction on each apparatus.

All of the participating gymnasts actively compete in the IDP and were selected from their performances and ranking on the National IDEAL Skills test. The focus of the clinic was refining the girls basic techniques whilst also extending them in appropriate areas of advanced skill development.

The clinic was divided into two groups: Clinic 1 and 2, both clinics trained 5 full training sessions over the 3 days – so it was a busy schedule for their coaches! In between training sessions the girls were involved in numerous gymnastics activities which included watching the recent world Championships videos and utilizing the hot and cold spa in the ‘State of the Art’ AIS recovery centre.

Also held during the three days was an update by Peggy Liddick on the trends from World Championships.

During the clinic all girls participated in the Physical testing. Congratulations to the following girls who excelled to be named the best physically prepared gymnasts for each age group:
· 13 years: Grace Sheppard (QAS) & honourable mention to Briana Ciupac (WAIS)
· 12 years: Overall Physical Test Champion Eden Tarvit (QAS) with an honourable mention to Rianna Mizzen (QAS)
· 11 years: Demitria Andrellos (SA Gymjets) with Aya Meggs (WAIS) 2nd
· 10 years: Alysha Koloi (QAS), 2nd place was Lily Gresele (WAIS)
· 9 years: Dayna Sulaiman (WAIS), with Kiara Johnson (MLC) 2nd
· Special guest, 8 year old Jamie Clark was outstanding for her age.

The girls were particularly tested as they were instructed to hold a sponge between their feet for many of the tests!

The winner of each test were as follows:

Chinups: Demitria Andrellos (Gym-Jets), Eadie Rawson (VWHPC) and Jamie Clark (QAS) on 16
Cast to Handstands: 12 cast to handstands in a row by Demitria again!
Leg Lifts: Rianna Mizzen (QAS) performed 25 leg lifts in 30 s.
20m Sprint: Karla Danelutti (Balance) was the fastest with 3.23 s.
Standing broad jump: Hannah Tam (CH) jumped 73 cm further than her standing height to win the jump.
Rope Climb: Karla won the rope climb in 9.44s.
Kip to handstands: Brooke Callcott (WAIS) and Rianna Mizzen (QAS) were equal with 11 kip to handstands – whilst keeping a sponge between their feet!
Side Handstand balance: Alexandra Venianakis balanced the longest handstand with 175 s.
Press to Handstands: Demitria was the press champion (again!) with 30 presses.

Team Future & and High Achievers Squad 2011

The final additional gymnasts were added to the Team Future Squad and the Team Future High Achievers Squad for 2011.

Girls achieving Team Future Status for the first time - Congratulations goes to:
· Nadine Araujo (Epping YMCA)
· Sophie Stuart (Epping YMCA)
· Nicchia Waaijer (Epping YMCA)
· Monique Champman (Waverley)
· Anna Mackay (WAIS)
· Sarah Stacey (WAIS)

& the final additional Team Future High Achiever Squad gymnasts for 2011:
· Tamika Jones (QAS)
· Rianna Mizzen (QAS)
· Grace Sheppard (QAS)
· Alysha Djuric (Waverley)
· Emily Whitehead (Waverley)
· Georgia Ruehlemann (Gym-Jets)