Trampolinists spring into medal contention

A record day of qualifying has seen Australian women qualify for the finals in all three trampoline disciples for the first time in history at the 36th FIG Trampoline Gymnastics World Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria overnight.  

Australian boasts a nine-strong squad who have qualified for finals on the first day of competition Sofia, headlined by New South Wales' Cheyanna Robinson. 
Robinson, who earlier this year made the final at the World Games in Birmingham, AL, qualified in second place for the final of Women’s Double Mini Trampoline, set to be held on 18 November, with a score of 52.200. Braida Thomas, with a score of 48.700, will be the second reserve in the same final.
In other events, the Women’s Tumbling team qualified for the final in 5th place, with standout passes from Koralee Catlett and Breanah Cauchi, who have also both qualified for the Individual final. Georgia Beddall and Keira Hutchinson round out the squad.
Olympian Jess Pickering will be competing in the Women’s Trampoline final, alongside reigning national champion Abbie Watts, whilst Shaun Swadling, the reigning men’s champion, will contest his final after a score of 58.080.
Tasmanian Matthew French and Victorian Alex Luyckx round out the squad of finalists in the Men’s Double Mini Trampoline event.
Qualifying events continue today, headlined by Men’s Tumbler Ethan McGuinness, who earlier this year won the gold at the Trampoline World Cup in Rimini, ITA, with a world record difficulty score.

Results - Day 1

Women’s Tumbling
Koralee Catlett – 48.700 Q
Breanah Cauchi – 47.200 Q
Georgia Beddall – 44.000 R3
Kiara Hutchinson – 42.100

139.900 Q (5th)

Men’s Trampoline
Shaun Swadling 58.080 Q
Patrick Schluter – 54.330
Jayden Robinson-Patch 52.880

Women’s Trampoline
Jess Pickering 53.920 Q
Abbie Watts 52.880 Q
Imogen Florian 51.850
Leanne van Rensberg 50.550

Women’s DMT
Cheyanna Robinson 52.200 Q
Braida Thomas 48.700 R2
Keara Nel 45.400
Carina Hagarty 24.000

Men’s DMT
Matthew French 53.800 Q
Alex Luyckx 53.600 Q
Leuca McLeod 50.000
Callum O’Sullivan 42.200