Gymnastics NSW Announce Return to Sport Plan

Updated 1 June 2020, 11:30am

Gymnastics NSW wish to announce their Return to Gymnastics Plan, a comprehensive guide to how Gymnastics NSW clubs can resume operations in a COVIDSafe environment. This plan will come into place following an announcement by the NSW Government that gymnastics may resume operations. 

The purpose of the Gymnastics NSW Return to Gymnastics Plan is to:

  1. Provide guidance to gymnastics clubs in New South Wales on requirements for clubs to support a COVID safe workplace for training and participation.
  2. Establish regulations for the recommencement of competitions, courses, programs and high-performance training.
  3. Provide government with an assurance that gymnastics is a reliable partner who is working to achieve the shared objective of a COVID safe community.

Currently over 70,000 registered members and almost 500,000 unique participants (excluding Sporting Schools), await the return of gymnastics; both at a community sport level, all the way up to our 2021 Olympic hopefuls. 

The Return to Sport plan outlines the requirements needed to ensure a COVID Safe environment, while also adapting to necessary government regulations in place. 

Gymnastics NSW Chief Executive Officer Aaron Bloomfield is confident that the Gymnastics NSW community will return in a COVID Safe manner. 

“2,500 people are employed within gymnastics in New South Wales each year. Of these it is estimated, based upon a survey completed by 80% of the states 2020 clubs, that 1,700 have been stood down during this crisis with many of these unable to access JobKeeper because their employer was unable to pay wages in advance of receiving the payment.”

“Through the comprehensive Return to Sport Plan, I am confident that gymnastics facilities across NSW will be able to easily navigate the requirements set and quickly return to what they do best – delivering safe, high quality programs to the NSW community,” stated Bloomfield. 

Gymnastics NSW eagerly awaits a return to sport timeline for NSW Community Sport. The Gymnastics NSW team will work with clubs in the meantime to ensure our sport is prepared for a safe and successful recommencement.  Clubs should start planning now for physical distancing, hygiene, stay home if unwell, and contact tracing requirements. Information on these is set out in the Return to Sport induction questionnaire included within the Return to Gymnastics Plan