Child Safe Standard 1
Child Safe Standard 3: Families and Communities’ are informed and involved
Gymnastics NSW ensures our policies and practices are accessible and provide clear information about safeguarding children and young people. Our practices encourage feedback and empower to speak out regarding child safety and wellbeing. 
Guiding Principles and Key Behaviours
Child Safe Standard 3: Families and Communities are informed and involved. 
Article 5 of the United Nations Rights of the Child: Families have the responsibility to help children learn to exercise their rights and to ensure that their rights are protected. 
Key Behaviours: Gymnastics NSW understands that parents, carers and other important people in a child's life have the primary responsibility for raising their child. Our practices encourage open communication and encourage collaborative partnerships and participation of families and the broader community to promote the rights of children. 

What we expect to hear children say: 
"My family is welcome here." 
"The people here talk to my family about me."
"The special days of my community are celebrated."
Ongoing Commitment 

Gymnastics NSW is committed to ensure that families and communities are informed and involved. We achieve this through programs that: 

  1. Encourage good practice through the successful implementation and communication of codes of behaviour for all people involved within the sport including the Board, Coaches, Judges, Athletes, Committees, Spectators and Parents. 
  2. Enable families with the information required for them make decisions about their child, such as information and training provided to state team members and high performance athletes and their parents regarding body positivity, healthy eating, social media, injury prevention and antidoping. 
  3. Enable members through effective two-way communication, clear rules and guidelines, effective customer service, and relevant products and services. See GNSW Membership Satisfaction Strategy (2012) and Policy (2012). Gymnastics Australia conducts an annual child safety survey which guides our policies and procedures. Feedback from Gymnastics Australia Annual Child Safe survey provides a basis for ongoing review and informs parents of polices and procedures.
  4. Empower families and young people to report harm or inappropriate conduct through an effective complaints handling process. Please refer to Child Safe Standard 6 for more information. 
  5. Enforce Gymnastics NSW behavioural expectations through a fair and independent disciplinary process. Please refer to Child Safe Standard 6  for more information.
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