Judging Support 

What is the minimum age requirements?

An individual must be 14 years or older to enrol into a Beginner Judges Course and 15 years or older to enrol into an Intermediate Judges Course.

Who do I contact about Judging? 

Interested in having a Judging Course conducted in your area? Wanting to train up some parents from your club as judges?

Gymnastics NSW has a dedicated Judge Education Officer that can guide you through the process. Click here to contact our Officer.

Who do I contact for technical help? 

Each gymnastics discipline has its own Judging Coordinator in NSW, whose responsibility it is to grow and develop judging in their Gymsport. Use this expert as your first port of call for all judging questions. 

Acrobatic Gymnastics | Monque Boswell 
Aerobic Gymnastics | Pam Behan
Men's Gymnastics | Matthew Spooner
Rhythmic Gymnastics | Rhythmic Gymnastics Judges Assembly

Trampoline Gymnastics | Belinda Cox
Women's Gymnastics | Jodie McGinnity

How do I maintain my accreditation?

Technical Members (accredited coaches and judges) who wish to maintain their membership need to show ongoing evidence to keep their accreditation. This practice is called Updating as outlined in Gymnastics Australia's Updating Policy.

 Below you will find links to different ways you can collect updating points.

 Updating can be achieved be completing approved activities that are relevant to the Gymsport or level of accreditation. 

Regardless of the number of accreditations you hold, the total number of updating points you are required to complete per annum will be based on your highest level of accreditation, as follows:

  • Beginner – minimum of 3 updating points per annum

  • Intermediate, Intermediate Bronze and Advanced – minimum of 6 updating points per annum

  • Advanced Silver – minimum of 12 updating points per annum

  • FIG/High Performance (and higher) – minimum of 18 updating points per annum

More detailed information on updating points & limits can be seen in section 10 of Gymnastics Australia's Updating Policy.

Note: Judges’ Accreditations are valid for each Olympic cycle. Each new cycle, all judges who hold accreditations must attend a new course in order to maintain or extend their judging competencies.