About the Trampoline High Performance Program

NSW has been at the forefront of trampoline gymnastics in Australia for some time by regularly achieving the most medals and the most gold at the Australian Championships and regularly featuring on international teams. This program looks to build upon this success in preparation for the 2020 Olympic Games, Annual World Championships and 2024 Olympic Games. 

Program Objectives

Gymnastics NSW  and the high performance coaches are working cooperatively with the best technical experts in the State/Country to enhance the progress and development of the trampoline sports within the state. To develop, support and monitor the growing talent within the state and provide access to the comprehensive network of SSSM linked to Gymnastics NSW. 

  • Contribute to Gymnastics Australia High performance outcomes 
  • Maintain the most gold and most medals at the Australian Championships. 
  • Increase the performance level of athletes by providing the best support services and training environment. 
  • Provide a range of support services for athletes and parents/guardians. 
  • Provide an educational opportunity for all coaches. 

Here in NSW, we are fortunate that a number of club programs have developed athletes that are very competitive at an international level. This plan does not purpose to replace or in any way diminish the good work being performed by these programs, but rather complement it by offering additional athletes services

7 areas of focus

  1.  Monthly high performance squad clinics that include:
    Sports Injury prevention
    Targeted Skills Development 
    Individualized Strength and conditioning
    International Gym Sport Seminars 
  2.  A shift in focus of the high performance program to Asia through partnerships and sister programs.
  3.  The provision of access to international level equipment.
  4. International travel assistance to benchmark events & training camps. 
  5.  NSWIS Advocacy 
  6. A skill acquisition matrix. 
  7.  Individualised athlete performance plans. 

The aim of the program is to provide structured support, tailored to the individuals enabling them to excel in their sporting career.