About Aerobic Gymnastics


Aerobic Gymnastics combines gymnastics skills with dance in a fast-paced, fun and energetic gym sport.

Performing to music, the gymnasts performs high intensive, continuous movements, utilising strength, flexibility and agility.

Aerobic Gymnastics can be performed as a solo gymnast or with friends, both providing for a highly entertaining and crowd-engaging sport!


International - Individual, Mixed Pair, Trio, Group
National Levels 1 - 10 - Individual & Multiples
AeroDance - Individual, Mixed Pair, Trio, Team,
Division 1 & Division 2 - Team
AeroSchools - Level 1 -5 - Pair, Trio, Group
AeroSchools AeroDance - Team


International  - Senior Elite, Age Group 2, Age Group 1, National Development
National Levels -Senior, Intermediate, Junior, Mini
AeroDance - Senior, Intermediate, Junior
AeroSchools - University, Senior, Intermediate, Junior, Mini



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