About Trampoline Gymnastics


What child would not get a thrill out of jumping freely into the air? Trampoline Gymnastics allows children to do exactly that in a fun and safe environment. Whether you bounce on the trampoline, the double mini trampoline or flip down the tumble track. With the assistance of accredited Trampoline coaches children can learn to perform new and impressive skills whilst flying through the air, building their coordination, strength and body awareness. 


Individual Trampoline

Individual Trampoline consists of an single competitor performing two routines on the Trampoline. These routines consist of a 1st voluntary (compulsory elements) and a 2nd voluntary routine (optional skills). Both routines have 10 skills that range from aerial shapes (tuck, pike and straight) to multiple somersaults with twists.  Skills receive difficulty points according to body position, the degrees of rotation and twist executed. In the 2nd voluntary routine competitors will use a combination of ten different skills combining double and triple somersaults with multiple twists. 


Tumbling brings the skills commonly seen in women's, men's and acrobatic gymnastics into a competitive and fast-paced environment. Gymnasts perform the tumbling skills in a straight line along on a rod or air floor, completing five skills in the levels system (as part of short-track tumbling) or eight skills in the international levels of competition.

Double Mini Trampoline

The double mini discipline is performed on a smaller trampoline, where the gymnast will gain a 20 metre run-up before launching onto the trampoline, performing two skills and then dismounting onto the landing mat. Gymnasts will complete two flights in each competition.

Synchronised Trampoline

Synchronised Trampoline brings the skill elements of the individual into a team environment, where gymnasts compete as pairs with the goal of competing the same skills simultaneously. Synchronised brings in the additional elements of teamwork and timing, as gymnasts may continually adjust their jumps to keep in sync with one another.


Trampoline Gymnastics is split up into levels, national and international divisions of competition, catering to participants of all skill levels.

Levels Stream

The national levels system runs from level 1 to 10, with each level based purely on skill requirements. NSW holds an annual State Levels Championship event where gymnasts can compete in a more laid back and participation focused environment against gymnasts at a similar skill level.

National Age Stream

The National Age Stream generally syncs up with the levels system, however consist of gymnasts who have a higher focus on the competitive side of the sport. Gymnasts are able to qualify for the NSW state team and compete at the Australian Championships in age divisions, where they will compete against the most highly skilled gymnasts in their age bracket. Age divisions include Under 11, 13, 15, 17 and 17+ years.

International Stream

This Trampoline Gymnastics division consists of Youth, Junior and Senior levels of competition. Gymnasts who have shown a great deal of promise in the National age divisions will often move across to compete in International. Athletes can only compete in one stream at State and National events. Youth international is for athletes aged 11-14 years. Junior International division is open to gymnasts turning between 15 and 18 years of age, whilst senior gymnasts must be turning a minimum of 17 years.



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