Large Club: Hunter Sports Centre

Quick Stats

Current Members: 1900
Membership Growth: Stable
Current Workforce: 28
Growth: 0


Kindergym, 4-5yrs pre school, LaunchPad, Sporting Schools, High School Programs, 4-12yrs afternoon recreation, 12yrs+ afternoon recreation, Adult gymnastics, Trampoline, MAG, Rebound Therapy, Private lessons, Holiday programs

Contributions to Gymnastics + Community

2016 Hosted Events Combined High Schools State Championships (MAG, WAG, RG) MAG Grand Prix (HTP Invitational - 12th year)
NSW Country Championships

Rohan Kennedy - 2016 NSW Professional Development Conference
Kirsty Fleming - 2016 NSW Professional Development Conference

Venue host for 3 x GNSW education courses
Venue host for University of Newcastle PE Department gymnastics unit

4 active gymnastics coaches engaged in formal trainee program

Participated in the Large Clubs Conference (VIC)
Provided judges to all MAG events
Participated in GA membership surveys/consultations
2 staff members participated in the GNSW Performance Team Tour
1 staff members sits on GA Commission

2016 Highlights

MAG Country Club Champions
Tramp County Club 2nd
Overall Country Club Champions
4th Overall MAG Grand Prix Series​