Small Club: Umina PCYC

Quick Stats

​Number of Members: 130
Membership growth: 30%
Current Workforce: 4
Workforce Growth: 1


Gymnastics for All, Trampoline Gymnastics, Women's Artistic Gymnastics, FreeG, GymAbility, School Programs 

Contribution to Gymnastics + Community

Gymnastics Co Coordinator is the Regional Supervisor for the Hunter Region.
Gymnastics' Co-Ordinator was on the Trampoline SMC in 2016

2 beginner WG judges who often secretary in Sydney at higher level competitions or judge in the Hunter region.
Coaches volunteer at Hunter Region competitions

Inclusive Gymnastics
Work in partnership with Response to run a weekly gymnastics class for adults living with a disability. 

All staff attend all workshops offered in the Hunter Region and spend time at other local club to develop skills, particularly in FreeG. 

Performance Gymnastics

Junior Coach is a member of the GNSW Performance Team. 

Highlights of 2016

This year was the first year the Umina participated in competition.  3 level 2 gymnasts competed in WAG Hunter Championships and 3 gymnasts competed trampoline at Hunter championships.