Small Club: Yotala Gymnastics

Quick Stats

Current Members: 299
Membership growth: 155 members
Current Workforce: 7
Growth: 7 coaches


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Contribution to Gymnastics

Performance Gymnastics

Melinda Turnbull was the Head Coach and Choreographer for the GNSW Junior Performance Team and they were awarded a Silver pin for their performance at the GA Gym 4 Life Challenge.


Melinda Turnbull is a presenter at the GNSW professional development conference each year.

Helen Turnbull works with GNSW SMC to run NSW Special Olympics Programs.


Yotala provides judges and volunteers for all events entered by Yotala where required. They offer a minimum of 2 judges for all gymsports available at all events where
possible. Yotala Judges always endeavour to make themselves available for all competitions even when we don"t have gymnasts entered. For example Melinda Turnbull Judged at the SNR MG competitions this year even though Yotala had no gymnasts entered in the competitions.

Yotala has also the first international AGG judge in NSW.


Yotala runs in-house updating for all coaches every school holidays to ensure that our coaches are always working within the GA and GNSW coaching requirements. We currently have 8 coaches doing the next level coaching course.


Yotala works with the Campbelltown PCYC to promote gymnastics and run holiday\ programs in conjunction with the PCYC.

Runs Special Olympics programs in MG, WG and RG and works with the Special Needs schools in our area to provide gymnastics programs for all their students

Works in conjunction with Campbelltown PCYC to provide fresh food hampers to needs families in gymnastics and wider community.

Supported one of their budding Rhythmic Gymnasts in her own charity shestarted this year called "Tell Tia for Charity".

Yotala also works with the Local Police with their Youth at Risk program, and providesa safe space for them to learn gymnastics and to participate in our in house updating on coaching and working with children.

Created a program for home school communities to provide their gymnastics requirements and provide a community space for them to enjoy while their children enjoy the benefits of gymnastics.

Highlights for 2016

The Yotala Performance Team then Travelled to the 5th Asian Gymnaestrada in Qingdao China and were selected to participate in the Gala event with over 50,000 spectators.

Yotala had 6 gymnasts at the RG Senior state championships that received minor placings.

Yotala had 4 and 5 overall in Level 6 Sub Junior at the RG Jnr State Championships.

Yotala had 10 RG gymnasts compete at Challenge Championships with 7 achieving Gold and 3 achieving Silver.

Yotala had 1 level 3 and 2 level 4 WG teams compete in WG state championships this year.

Our MG Gymnasts did well with Bailey Culgan placing in the top 10 at every event and placing 3rd overall at the MG GP in Hunter. Yotala placed 20 in the MG GP rankings an improvement on 2015. As a small MG Club this was a great achievement with only 9 MG gymnasts competing this year.

Yotala Gymnastics entered the NSW Special Olympics State Championships and received the following results:
WG Level 1 First, Second and Third Overall, Level 2 First and second overall.
RG level 1 first overall, level 2 first overall, level 3 first and second overall and level 4 first and second overall.

Yotala entered the National Clubs Carnival in Team Gym with 2 teams. One team achieved a gold result and one team achieving a silver result.

Yotala also entered the GA Gym 4 Life Challenge and was awarded a gold pin for their performance.