Medium Club Nominee


Kimnastix is an all inclusive club which provides gymnastics and movement programs on the Central Coast for children of all ages and abilities. They have been open since 2010 and in this time we have grown both in numbers and size.
Kimnastix run a national Women's program up to level 6, a Men's program and n inclusive program that is quickly expanding. 

Kimnatix are proud of their accreditation, making use of every opportunity to advertise that we are an affiliated program with accredited coaches.

Number of athletes: 650
Membership growth: 14%
Gymsports: Men's Gymnastics, Women's Gymnastics, Kindergym, Gymnastics for All - Primary Age, TeamGym


Contribution to Gymnastics: Coach Oceanne Molony was elected to the LEAP panel and helped to run the 2017 campKimnastix has supplied judges to the various hunter and state run events as well as judging independently for other clubs in the area. 
Teegan Francis (coach) from Kimnastix has been heading the disabled program and has attended sign language classes to help with communicating with the special needs participants.

Development Activities:
 This year Kimnatix have accredited more coaches and judges than ever before. They have put a mentor program in place to see the new coaches are guided more efficiently and with better management. Diversifying their program, they have launched team gym and will begin competing this is 2018.

Competition results: This year was our first year in level 6 and Bree McBride and Mackenzie weatherly placed at the Hunter Trials and Championships.