Acrobatic Gymnastics

Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th November 2016

Acrobatics participants will not only have the opportunity to partake in workshops from internationally renowned coach Sergey Tretyakov, but also to learn from some of Australia’s best sports science specialists. The topics covered within the Acrobatics Clinic are designed to help coaches develop their athletes into well rounded acrobats, focusing not only on skills progression, but artistry development, strength & condition and mental preparation. 
A sample of the topics being covered are below:


1. Successfully putting groups together
- Ensuring groups are well matched to reach long term goals
- Planning/programming required to facilitate success
- Physical testing processes for athletes

2.  Next Level Handstand Training
- Tied Presses & Handstand
- One Arm Handstands
- Working shapes on one arm

3.  Pairs Balance Skill Development
4. Pairs Dynamic Skill Development
5. Trios Balance Skill Development
6.  Trio Dynamic Skill Development
7.  Developing Dance & Artistry
8.  Core Strength & Hyper flexibility
9. Aerial Awareness- Twisting & multiple somersaults with twists

- Developing Partnership Trust
-  Managing Fear

Open Forum- General Training Assistance and 2017-2020 ALP


Sergey Tretyakov

Sergey Tretyakov is the current Belgium National Acrobatics team head coach, and instrumental factor in Belgium’s rise to the top of International Acrobatics rankings. This esteemed coach not only holds a degree in Sports Education and Physical Culture, but also an FIG Coaching Accreditation. He has coached a number of recent champions including:

- 2015- 1st Place Women’s Group- European Games & European Championships Women’s - 
Kaat Dumarey, Julie Van Gelder & Ineke Van Schoor
- 2015 1st Place Men’s Pair- European Champinships - Vincent Casse & Arne Van Gelder
- 2012 1st Place Mixed Pair - World Championships - Nicolas Vleeshouwers & Laure de Pryck

Sergey has not only worked tireless with the athletes within the Belgium national training program, but has also recognised that in order to ensure Belgium’s future success, growth must be generated from the base level, and as such has developed programs and support to ensure the growth of acrobatics across all of Belgium.

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