Club Services

GNSW has many different programs, resources, tool kits and templates to support your club grow and develop to it best potential:


Fit For Purpose

   Risk Management
Member Protection  

Discover what may be
when establishing
 your new club

    Discover how we can support
 you to make you club safe

    Read how your club can maintain
 a "member first" perspective. 

 3rd Level Consulting   Online Club Induction    Club 10 
Get expert advice
on to make your club the
 best it can be

   Set your employees up for 
success with our online
club induction. 

  Understand how to establish
 and maintain management
systems that will assure quality 
and club longevity 
 Club Support     HR Support     Legal Support    
Need some advice? GNSW can visit 
your club and provide a consultation. 

   Ensure that your club is aware, 
understands and complies with 
Human Recourse Requirements. 
   Discover the legal benefits  available to affiliated
clubs through our
 partner GPN Law