Risk Management

What is Risk Management? 

Risk Management is all about making our sport safe. It seeks to address potential problems before they occur.

Why do clubs need to manage risk?

Risks are inherent in sport. A club can never avoid ALL accidents, injuries or losses. While not all risks lead to legal action, the law does expect a Club to ensure a safe environment for all. A club must be able to provide evidence that this has been achieved and/or was the sole intention.   Potential benefits to clubs who implement effective risk management procedures include:
  • a safer environment for all members and staff;
  • improved compliance with the law;
  • more effective allocation of resources;
  • a greater ability to meet members needs;
  • improved communication;
  • more effective management of assets, events and activities;
  • enhanced image and reputation.

When do clubs need to manage risk?

Risk Management is an ongoing process applied to all aspects of your clubs operations. Risks should be managed ALL THE TIME. Any new project, event or activity should have a risk assessment completed. 

How can clubs manage risk?

If all risks are well managed, Risk Management must be integrated into the culture of the club and evident in all areas. To ensure this is achieved a number of tool kits and resources are available for your club:
  • Risk Management Policy
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Risk Register

Club Workplace Courses*

Incident Reporting Course
Course Code GQ001

All gymnastic Club incidents that result in an injury, an illness, or a “near miss” should be reported. Certain types of dangerous incident, serious injury and serious illness are also notifiable to an authority, such as a State Government.

Follow Work Health and Safety Policies

Course Code GV001

Manual Handling
Course Code GV002

*All courses are eligible for updating points


There are several websites which provide information and tools to assist sport clubs with WHS.  The Australian Sports Commission “Sporting Clubs guide to a Safe Workplace”  is designed to assist sporting clubs understand and action WHS within their organisation.

Have you downloaded the WHS App?

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If you would like to discuss risk management please contact  childsafe@gymnsw.org.au