Nationals Spotlight Series: Priya, Phoebe and Elizabeth

Priya, Phoebe and Elizabeth, or better known as Buffy, shared their first season as a trio in 2018. Eleven-year-old Buffy, who moved over from WAG just over 3 years ago has been the newest team member to join the girls in establishing this gold winning threesome. 

Phoebe began ACRO 8 years ago, and solidified three National competitions under her belt. Having been both top and base, Phoebe’s knowledge in both fields makes her an invaluable asset to the team. 

Priya has been involved with ACRO at SXL for the past 10 years, and competing for the last 8! 2017 was Priya’s first National Championships, and loves the adrenalin the dynamic skills induce.

We look forward to how this wonderful group of girls from SXL will develop in the future! 

Want to know their go-to pre-comp snack? Watch the full video to find out!