10 thoughts you’ll have during your first KinderGym class

Is my child way too young for gymnastics?

Maybe you just watched I, Tonya and the thought of having a prodigal child hate your guts for enrolling him or her in an Olympic sport feels like an actual, real-life possibility. Rest assured KinderGym is a leisurely activity. There will be no sabotage. Promise. 

So many children. Everywhere.

KinderGym seeks to increase proprioception and body awareness, encourage parent and child communication and foster positive social and parent-child relationships. This all sounds well and good, but why there are just. So. Many. Children?!

Coach looks a little...young

Upon stepping through the door to the New World of KinderGym, you’re greeted by a smiling, enthusiastic face that seems a little, well…much like a baby herself. 

This coach will never cope

Caring for a baby, or young child is difficult. Keeping them entertained, whilst teaching them motor skills, whilst staying sane, to an entire group of them? Impossible. This poor, young angel-faced coach will never cope. 

It’s actually going okay…?!

But then, as the class progresses you realise this person is a trained professional. Their calmness is yogi-inspired, their skill set unquestionable, enthusiasm is through the roof. You can’t help but to think… this might actually work out after all. 

Wait. No it’s not.

Thought too soon. There is a crying child, sobbing and scrambling relentlessly over its poor mother. Said mum’s expression of tiresome anguish just hits too close to home. Another child definitely needs the bathroom. Pronto. 

Actually, it is?

Alas, the upset child and mother are calmed (go, yogi-coach!) and child has made the necessary trip to the bathroom. The class progresses and you realise your child, and the other children in the room are having the time of their lives. 

This is a work out… for me

Am I actually out of the breath? Sometimes you’ll find yourself asking this as you’re walking up a flight of stairs, or carrying the groceries from the shop to the car. Sometimes, it’s completely warranted… sometimes you’re in a KinderGym class. Children are having fun and you’re sneaking in a cheeky workout, except nothing’s sore the day after. Winning!

I wonder how much a jungle gym costs to get installed in my house?

That looks tasty, you think as you eyeball a mountainous slice of dense carrot cake, and then you purchase it, and then it is. And you’re pleased as punch. This is kind of like when you feel like a piece of gym equipment could be pretty fun, and then you try it, and it is. (Carrot cake post KinderGym not guaranteed, but definitely encouraged).

KinderGym is pretty  brilliant

It’s been an hour and you’ve thought many thoughts throughout the class, but you look around and other parents and their children are just as thrilled as you feel. You spent some quality time with your little human, they learnt some new skills, made some friends, and at the end of the day, no crazy dramatic career-ending fiasco happened. This gymnatics thing isnt so bad after all. 

KinderGym is lots of fun! Start your journey today!