Back to School, Back to Reality 

School holidays are officially coming to end and with that, it is time to get back into that busy routine you have forgotten about for 5 weeks! To help you prepare for the year ahead, it is important that you set up a balanced routine to help manage  gym/school/life. Here are our top tips to help you get back into a rhythm and make the most out of your day.

Weekly plan 
They say, “Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail” and this applies to your gymnastics as well as your life! Having a weekly plan will ensure you don’t miss any practices (win), have time for your friends and family, stay on top of your school work and even have some downtime for yourself (major win). Grab a weekly planner and on Sunday write in what you have on for the upcoming week. Include all things from training, work, school, appointments and even “me time”. To stay on top of your game in gymnastics, you will need time to just do nothing and let your mind/body recover, so make sure your week is balanced and includes recovery. 

Fuelling yo
ur body and mind for life is important. Even more important when you have to flip around for hours on end every afternoon in a hot gymnasium! Try to pack your lunch box the night before and ensure you have enough quality foods that will keep you energised all the way until dinner time. 

Sleep is hugely important in your recovery and ensuring you are performing at your best at training the next day. You should be aiming for 8-10 hours of sleep at night, so think about what time you should be going to bed and try having 30 minutes “screens down” time before sleep. The light from your phone, TV, laptop and iPad will keep your brain stimulated and make it harder to fall asleep. Grab a book and read instead, whilst you wind down from your day.

The school holidays are over but that does not mean the fun has to be! Plan something to do on the weekend that you can look forward to during the week.