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Kimnastix first opened its doors to the community on the Central Coast on January 8th, 2010. Since that day, they have provided an inclusive club which provides gymnastics and movement programs to children of all ages and abilities. Housing a Women’s program up to level 7, a Men’s program and an inclusive program, their membership has quickly grown in the past 8 years and they now have over 700 members involved in their program.

It is obvious that Kimnastix have a supportive and nurturing environment and they believe that “every child has the ability to shine in their own way regardless of their ability”, says head coach and owner, Kim Ryan. This stems through the strong coaching and judging development system they have in place. In 2018 they wrap up the year with the most judges and coaches they have ever had, and a mentoring program for new coaches to provide more guidance and support.

In 2018, they won the Gymnastics NSW Gymnastics For All Club of the year award and club owner, Kim, said they are proud to be recognized for their clubs achievements.

In 2019, Kimnastix have plans to advance the club, gymnastics and personnel and are committed to helping support their members in any way. They wish to continue to grow and prosper by offering quality gymnastics throughout their shire and beyond.

Congratulations Kimnastix on a fantastic 2018.  

What a wonderful centre! I heard about Kimnastix through a friend of mine who’s daughter had been attending for over a year. I thought I would register Jane to see how she enjoyed it. Well, that was 2 years ago and she is going from strength to strength! I cannot say enough how wonderful the crew at Kimnastix are and how they pay special attention to each and every child. Thanks guys!” – Parent

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