Things Only Gymnasts Understand

Gymnastics is about discipline, courage and ultimately, enjoyment. But there are many things us gymnasts go through that only we can understand.
How many of these can you relate to?

You get the urge to do handstands EVERYWHERE 

You visualize your routines before bed every night

Your back, ankles and wrists crack when you move around (and your friends think it's weird)

If you talk to anyone you just meet about being a gymnast, they reply with "can you do a back flip"

You have had more chalk in your hair in your life, then hair product 

You have to turn down plans with your friends a lot because you have practice 

Your hands look like one of a builder

You know its going to be a good practice when you are matching your leotard with your scrunchy
(or shorts or socks or crop top...). And an even better one when you are matching with one of your friends 

When you are not in the gym but all you want to do is be in the gym