Things Your Coach Wants You To Know…

1. Strength and conditioning go hand in hand with gymnastics

As much as you may HATE doing strength and conditioning during practice, it is essential to your progression in gymnastics! The exercises are designed specifically to improve the skills you are currently working on the apparatus, as well as help you prepare for the ones you will soon learn! Strength will also help lower your risk for injury and keeps your body in a healthy position to be able to handle the copious amounts of flips and landings!

2. Be friends with Basics

We know that doing your newer skills is more “fun”, BUT if you don’t have the foundation of good technique in your basics, these upgrades will take longer to learn and won’t look as pretty when you do land them. Basic skills will need to be worked on daily and they will always be a part of your training program, so learn to love them and try to get enjoyment out of perfecting them.

3. Your safety is our top priority

If you haven’t slept well, eaten well or had a really bad day/week, TELL US! Knowing what is going on in your life will help us tailor your program to suit you and keep you safe.

4. Please care about your nutrition

Fueling your body for training and competition is so important and vital in producing good performances. Caring about what you are giving your body as an energy source, will benefit you now and for the rest of your life.

5. No matter your goals in the sport, we will support you every step of the way

If you want to learn a forward roll, or go to World Championships, verbalise your goals with us so that we know why you are here and what inspires you in gymnastics. No matter if it is big or small, we want to help you achieve it!