8 Ideas to Create Your Own Backyard (or Lounge Room) Olympics

Why not stage your own Olympic games at home? 
Ready, set, go go go! 

1) Golf 

Materials: Broom, small ball and box or masking tape (depends on age).

Prepare: Set up a course with a starting point and the end point (either a box or mark a square with some masking tape on the floor). You can do it with one course and then keep changing or set up multiple courses at the same time all over the home/backyard.

Game: Using a broom, try and get the ball into the box/square with as few strokes as possible! Can you do it?

2) Straw Javelin Throw

Materials: 10 paper straws (or blunted skewers) and 5 bowls or coloured papers.

Prepare: Each contestant gets 5 straws. Mark a line or choose a spot on the floor followed by a foot-long gap to the first bowl/coloured paper taped down. Place the bowls or papers in a line heading away from the starting point. Create a point system for each of the bowls/papers, for eg the closest one is worth 5 points, then 10, 15 etc.

Game: Throw your 5 straws and whoever gets the most points wins!

3) Egg and Spoon Race

Materials: Egg and spoon.

Prepare: Boil the egg(s) and choose a start and finish line.

Game: Whoever gets to the finish line first – without cracking their egg – wins! For an extra challenge, add some obstacles to the race.

4) Shot Put

Materials: Socks and masking tape.

Prepare: Roll up a pair of socks, or multiple pairs, into a ball. Create a large circle with some masking tape on the floor. And clear the area in front of the circle.

Game: Hold the sock up to your neck and stay within the circle while throwing the sock ball out and seeing how far it can go! 

5) Sailing 

Materials: A4 paper and a straw.

Prepare: Get the bath or sink ready by filling it up with some water.

Game: Turn your A4 paper into a boat using some simple origami. Put the boat onto the water and see who can blow their sailboat the farthest!

6) Hurdles

Materials: Depends on the size of your child. You can use pillows for younger kids, Kmart hurdles, laundry baskets or make hurdles out of PVC pipes.

Prepare: Mark a starting point and allow enough space to run before heading into the first hurdle, then space each hurdle out until the finish line. 

Game: Race across and jump over each hurdle until you reach the finish line. Fastest time wins!

Note: We highly recommend you stretch before this game, to avoid pulling a hamstring.

7) Frisbee Fun

Materials: Two paper plates, tape, scissors and decorations (anything from markers to glitter and pom poms).

Prepare: Cut a hole in both paper plates. Decorate the outside of each plate. Tape the two plates together (with both plates upside down and the insides facing each other). You now have a frisbee!

Game: Have fun throwing the frisbee to each other and if you want to turn it into a competition, see whose frisbee flies the farthest.

Tip: If you tape or staple all the way around without leaving any holes, your frisbee will fly better!

8) Balance Challenge

Materials: Masking tape and books.

Prepare: Stick down a long line of masking tape from one side of the room to the other.

Game: How far can you get while walking on the line and balancing a book on your head? For an extra challenge, try adding more books on your head!