9 Benefits of Positive Risk Taking in Early Childhood

Children experience the world through play. This will often involve taking risks, pushing boundaries, and learning about their limits and abilities. 

Watching our children tackle something new can be daunting, time-consuming, and sometimes frustrating. That’s why it helps to understand the importance of positive risk taking and all the wonderful lessons for life your child can gain from taking a chance.

These are 9 benefits of risk taking:

1. Builds confidence – your child will feel capable when they gain a skill, conquer a fear or surprise themselves by doing something new

2. Teaches resilience – failure is a part of taking risks and children learn to try again and recover quickly from difficulties
3. Develops motor planning skills
4. Increases physical strength

5. Fosters independence
6. Educates on the difference between challenging and dangerous situations
7. Empowers children to break through self-imposed limits

8. Inspires creativity
9. It’s fun AND satisfying!!

The best part – you can apply these ideas to your own life and learn and grow WITH your child!!
You won’t always get the balance right, but you are also taking your own risks, and learning from mistakes is a part of the process! 

This post is part of our KinderGym series on positive risk taking. 
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