5 Tips for building digital resilience 

Did you know that 1 in 5 young people reported being socially excluded, threatened, or abused online?

With technology allowing us to reach each other better than ever before, what can you be doing to help keep your young people, and ourselves safe?

The E-Safety Commissioner has 5 simple tips for building digital intelligence:

1. Promote respectful Conversations

You wouldn't say your friend's new leotard is ugly to her face, so don't say it online. Encourage your friends and teammates to keep things positive in the gym and online. After all, we all work better when the good vibes are flowing.

2. Encourage Empathy

Before you send the Instagram DM, think about how you would feel if you got that message. Understanding the impact of your words can make a huge difference when chatting online.

3. Learn to Question

Remember that not all influencers spend their lives drinking smoothies at the beach. Think critically about what you see online and remember that things online can be enhanced to appear better than reality. 

Question who you are friends with. Would you meet up with a stranger in real life? The same should apply to chatting online. Be suspicious of any messages you receive from someone you don't know, or with links you didn't expect. 

4. Encourage safe and responsible behaviour 

We love gymnastics, but training 24/7 would not be healthy for us - the same applies for hanging out online. 

Set boundaries for yourself like putting your phone on flight mode an hour before bed, or not checking TikTok before a competition - tech free time is important.

5. Learn how to build resilience 

Sadly, no matter how hard we try, you may have a negative experience online. There will always be difficult times in life, but there is always support and help available. Talk to someone you trust about how your online experience makes you feel, and know it's okay to block any negative comments that come your way. 

Content is based from the E-Safety Commissioner "Good Habits Start Young" https://www.esafety.gov.au/parents/skills-advice/good-habits-start-young