How is Aerobic Gymnastics Judged?

Every gymsport has its own unique style and set of rules! Aerobic gymnasts in the senior division perform a routine for 1 min 20+/-5 secs. The routine must show a balance between aerobic movement patterns, transitions, difficulty and acrobatic elements and collaboration. All movements must be precise, show a definite shape and athletes must use all of the floor space throughout the routine.

How are they judged?

Floor elements, airborne elements and standing elements of the routine are given difficulty score value. All elements with a fall or unacceptable execution receive “0” value.  Elements with similar techniques are classified together, including categories such as dynamic strength, static strength, leg circle, dynamic jump, form jump, split leap/jump, turns and flexibility.

The technical skills of the whole routine are judged, including the start and end positions, the execution of the elements (difficulty and acrobatic), AMP’s – aerobic movement patterns, transitions, partnerships and synchronisation for mixed pairs, trio,  group routines.

All components of choreography must be matched perfectly with music to show a performance that is creative and has unique characteristics. The athlete is judged on how and where they perform their routine, not just what they demonstrate. This includes the quantity and quality of aerobic movement patterns, the complexity and variety and the musicality, artistry of the routine and construction of choreography.