6 Ways to be Body Kind

Do you ever stop to think about whether you are kind to your body?

We had a chat with Butterfly Foundation's Danni Rowland on the GNSW Podcast Raise the Bar. Danni, a former elite netball athlete, gave some great advice on where to start.

Recognise the battle

In an image obsessed world, it’s difficult to be kind to our bodies. For some it might be unrealistic to ‘simply’ say, 'I love my body'. Instead, try employing kindness and take it one step at a time on your Body Kind journey.

Ask questions

Do you ever stop and think about the way you treat your body? Ask yourself:
- What do I think about my body and how it works?
- How can I be kind to my body? 
- What am I doing that’s unkind?

Compassion not criticism

You cannot help your body if you are giving it a hard time. It can be really hard when our body is letting us down – it might be injured, unwell or it not getting us to where we need in our sport. But taking frustrations out on your body will not solve the problem.

Move for your mind, and body

A positive relationship with movement and exercise will enhance your mental health (and performance).  Training shouldn’t be used as a tool against your body, but rather a chance to move doing an activity you enjoy.

Cut out the comparisons

Comparing yourself to others leads to dissatisfaction. It can also cause us to resent our bodies. Remember: You are on your own journey.

Reach out

If you are struggling, seek support. It’s one of the kindest things you can do for yourself. This goes for athletes and coaches! Everybody deserves to be supported. 

Head to the Butterfly Foundation for support, resources and information.