Aerobic Quick Facts

  • Aerobics became a gym sport in 1994. With the first FIG World Championships held in 1995 

  • The length of an Aerobic routine is 90 seconds

  • The floor is 10x10m

  • There are many FIG Aerobic categories

    • Men's Individuals

    • Women's Individuals 

    • Mixed Pairs 

    • Trios 

    • Groups (5 gymnasts)

    • Aerobic Step (8 gymnasts)

    • Aerobic Dance (8 gymnasts)

  • Athletes can compete in more than one Aerobic category (talk about tiring stuff!)

  • The choreography must demonstrate combinations of movement patterns with arms and legs, including the seven basic aerobic steps: March, Jog, Skip, Knee Lift, Kick, Jumping Jack and Lunge

  • The 2018 FIG World Championships will be held in Portugal. You can see the full Australian team here. 

This weekend will see Aerobics athletes compete at the Suzuki World Cup in Japan. Good luck to all of the girls competing, we will be cheering for you from afar! Follow along with the results here. 

Does Aerobics sound like the sport for you? Find a club  near you!