WAG Team Future Camp

Congratulations to all the gymnasts who attended the recent Team Future camp held at the AIS, Canberra.

There were some fantastic results for NSW gymnasts in the physical testing with the highlights listed below:

13 Years
1st Jasmine Weeks | Sydney West Gymsports
2nd Tylah Otrupcek | Sydney West Gymsports

12 Years
2nd Miranda Blades| Carmel & Co

10 Years
3rd Amali Prince | Sydney West Gymsports

9 Years
1st Ruby Pass | Carmel & Co
2nd Alana Longford | Sydney West Gymsports

8 Years
1st Georgia Kyriazoplous | Carmel & Co
2nd Evie Borg | Castle Hill

Well done to all the NSW gymnasts listed below who have been named on the 2016 WAG Team Future Squad.

Selena Saitannis  | Australian Academy of Gymnastics 
Shiira-Paige De Horta |  Carmel & Co Gymnastics 
Ruby Pass  | Carmel & Co Gymnastics 
Indiana Lucas  | Carmel and Co 
Dominique Barbara  | Castle Hill 
Danielle McPearson  | Castle Hill 
Lily Simonsen  | Castle Hill 
Finegan Sophie  | Castle Hill 
Olivia Heckman  | Manly and Waringah Gymnastic Club 
Lara McMicking | Manly and Waringah Gymnastic Club 
Sophie Stuart  | Manly and Waringah Gymnastic Club 
Sophie Ainsworth  | Pymble Ladies College 
Lily Fitzgerald | Pymble Ladies College
Mia Biordi | Pymble Ladies College
Lily Fitzgerald | Pymble Ladies College
Iona Stanton | Pymble Ladies College
Nadine Araujo | Sydney Gymnastics Centre
Elena Chipizubov | Sydney Gymnastics Centre
Shannon Farrell | Sydney Gymnastics Centre
Danielle Latter | Sydney Gymnastics Centre
Breanna Scott | Sydney Gymnastics Centre
Lauren Tisdale | Sydney Gymnastics Centre
Cassidy Ercole | Sydney West Gymsports
Leila Ghazi  | Sydney West Gymsports
Paris McGurk | Sydney West Gymsports
Tylah Otrupcek | Sydney West Gymsports
Amali Prince | Sydney West Gymsports

Further details from the camp can be found here.