Evolve Gymnastics lending a hand to those in need

When Adam and Maegan opened Evolve Gymnastics, one their goals was to support the wider community, hoping that the  values demonstrated with their club would help shape their gymnasts to be caring and thoughtful individuals long after they leave the sport. 

Hoping to inspire and engage their clubs members, Evolve Gymnastics has supported numerous charities in their time, including The Nappy Collective. Evolve donated over 4,000 nappies to The Nappy Collective, an organisation that collects nappies to parents can’t afford to purchase them.  Caring for the youngest members of the community is a passion for parents Adam and Meagan, who also provide free baby gym classes for their community. 

In 2017 the Club hosted its very first Evolve Day, a day of gymnastics for children who would otherwise be unable to attended classes because of financial difficulties. Involving the club community, athletes donated over 120 Christmas gifts to children in need, many of whom wouldn’t be receiving any other Christmas gifts. A hit with many of the families and gymnasts, the club are planning to continue the tradition with another Evolve Day planned for 2018.  

Then, looking within their own community, the club recently gathered around one of their own Evolve families who had faced recent hardship, raising and donating funds of over $3,500 along with collecting groceries and other essential items. 

The drive to help has filtered down to even the young athletes within the club. Passionate about helping others less fortunate than herself, a club gymnast Annelise took the time to set up her own charity  'Annelise's Christmas Wish for the Homeless'. Coming together with the support of Evolve families and social media followers, everyone rallied around Annelise and her cause, collecting over 50 gift bags for the homeless last Christmas.

We are thrilled to see such incredible efforts from our clubs making difference in the wider community. A great reminder that Start Here, Go Anywhere! isn’t just about athletic pursuits but also speaks of the invaluable lessons and experiences that gymnastics can give our children.