Australian Aerobic Championships 

The Australian Aerobic Championships wrapped up this afternoon in Bendigo, Victoria with NSW returning home as champion state with a total of 11 Gold, 5 Silver and 6 Bronze! 

Congratulations to the following athletes on their outstanding results: 

Casey Rogan, Georgia Fragiadakis, Elisabeth Kidane, Madison Rogers, Taylah Woods, Tiana Yan - AeroDance Age Group 2 Team
Carissa Uno - AeroDance Intermediate 
Danielle Smith, Tyson Martin-Durrington - AeroDance - Senior Mixed Pair
Elian Jabbour, Madison Swan, Matilda Narvo  - Age Group 2 Trio
Eleanor Clifton-Bligh, Grace Kleppich - Level 8 Intermediate Multiples
Elisabeth Kidane - Age Group 2 Individual Female 
Emma Gal, Jesscia Naman, Patricia Siriphan, Nadia Wang, Amy Waters - Age Group 1 Group
Leila Ghazi, Jessica Naman, Patricia Siriphan  - AeroDance Junior Trio
Leila Ghazi - Level 7 Junior
Tyson Martin-Durrington - AeroDance Senior Male &  Senior Individual Male 

MacKenzie Maneve - Level 7 Junior 
Madison Rogers - AeroDance Intermediate 
Matilda Narvo - Age Group 2 Individual Female 
Taylor Icanovski, Sophie Yenson, Jessica Bourne- AeroDance Junior Trio
Victoria Lopes - Level 6 Intermediate


Elian Jabbour - AG2
Eleanor Clifton-Blighr - Level 8 Intermediate 
Elisabeth Kidane, Taylah Woods, Tiana Yan- Age Group 1 Trio
Emma Gal, Nadia Wang, Amy Waters - AeroDance Intermediate Trio
Lauren Anderson - Level 6 Senior
Nicola Pithers - Level 10

Deborah Greenbaum and Matilda Narvo, as well as our Age Group 1 and 2 Groups will now continue preparation for Aerobic World Championships, held in Portugal in late May. 

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