$1 Million Dollars Pledged to Gymnastics

Gymnastics within NSW may see some exciting changes, with Labor’s ‘Community Sports First’ package pledging fund initiatives that benefit local communities.

Gymnastics NSW extends a vote of thanks to Lynda Voltz MLC, NSW Shadow Minister for Sport for the pledge of $1 Million towards a Gymnastics First support fund for Gymnastics Clubs in New South Wales.

The “Gymnastics First” fund, would see $1 million allocated to provide assistance to Gymnastics Clubs across NSW.

Gymnastics NSW Chief Executive, Mr Aaron Bloomfield is thrilled by the positive support toward gymnastics.

“Gymnastics is a foundation sport within our country, with former gymnasts representing their country in diving, skiing, weightlifting and hurdling last Olympic cycle,” noted Bloomfield. 

Gymnastics NSW grew 16% to 72,000 members in 2018, the sports 16th consecutive year of growth. Gymnastics in New South Wales is the fourth most played sport for children under 14, and third most played sport for women. (Ausplay 2018) 384,000 people participate in gymnastics in New South Wales each year. 

For Bloomfield, the funding can’t come soon enough,

“Clubs are the heart of our sport and it is exciting to see an opportunity to help them grow. With one third of our clubs at capacity and community clubs paying up to $500,000 a year in rent, the support will help ensure that Gymnastics is accessible to the New South Wales community.”  

This pledge comes after additional Government and Council pledges towards the improvement of gymnastics infrastructure across NSW communities.