R U OK?Day

Written by Lauren Sampson

A lot of time is spent looking after the physical aspect of sport. We learn to flip, bounce high and squeeze our legs. We learn how to increase strength, rehab injuries and improve our flexibility. An athletes mental health is the key that unlocks the physical improvements. Yet far too little time is spent asking the questions -

“Why have they lost skills?”

“Why are they not enjoying training?”

“Why do they train so well, yet crumble at competitions?”

“Why has their personality and attitude changed?”

Quite often the problem isn’t physical and can be improved with one simple question - #RUOK. We need to be more aware of the athletes mental well-being and start asking mindful questions to holistically support them. On this #RUOK day, take the time to encourage someone to be kind to their thoughts and do something they want to do, not something they think they have to.