Gymnastics NSW Community Relief Fund

The Board of Gymnastics NSW wish pass on their sincerest condolences to all families that have been impacted by this catastrophic Bushfire season. We also wish to thank the outstanding services of our Fire fighters and volunteers that are working tirelessly to protect lives, livestock and properly.  

The Board wish to announce the Gymnastics NSW Community Relief Fund. The fund has been created to support those clubs, coaches, judges and gymnasts who have been impacted by the 2019-2020 bushfires, as well the ongoing NSW drought, to get back on their feet and continue in the sport of gymnastics.

Donations received through this fund will be distributed to clubs and members as needed, to assist with the following: 

- Provision of uniforms and training gear to those who have lost property in the fires
- Replacing damaged or lost gymnastics equipment at clubs impacted by fires
- Supporting people impacted by fire or drought to participate in gymnastics competitions, training and education activities  
- Counselling support for members impacted by fire and drought
- Repairing or rebuilding club venues damaged or lost to fires.
- Any other gymnastic related expense

In addition to the fund, Gymnastics NSW and Gymnastics Australia will waive the 2020 membership and technical membership fees for our affected members and those who have served as a volunteer firefighter during this difficult time. 

Gymnastics NSW will set up donation boxes at all events and competitions for donations to disaster and drought relief, via the Gymnastics NSW Fund and the Red Cross. These donation tins will be available at all Gymnastics NSW events in 2020. 

Together we hope to support our gymnastics community members impacted by tragedy to regain a sense of normalcy, however small, in the aftermath of this.

For those wishing to help now, you can volunteer or donate to those affected through any of the links below: -

Gymnastics NSW Community Relief Fund:

Red Cross: