Gymnastics NSW celebrate that everybody has a gymnastics body!

Poor body image is something that can affect anyone, at any age.

According to GNSW partner Butterfly Foundation, “Body image starts developing in early childhood and the relationship you have with your body and appearance—which typically evolves over the course of your lifetime—is one of the most significant, long-lasting and complex relationships you will ever have.”

With over 80% of our members under the age of 16, Gymnastics NSW have worked with industry partner Butterfly Foundation to develop Body Kind Movement - a gymnastics specific program focused on building body positivity through sport.

“Butterfly is delighted to be offering Body Kind Movement to Gymnastics NSW members,” said Helen Bird, Butterfly’s Manager of Education

“It’s an important part of Butterfly’s Body Kind initiative during the month of September designed to create positive body image environments for young Australians. It’s a great opportunity for those involved in gymnastics to shine a light on the importance of feeling good in our bodies and being body kind – kind in the language we use out loud and, in our heads and kind in the way we move, nurture and nourish our bodies,” said Ms Bird.

The program is the first of its kind in Australia. With ready-made resources and education available, the program is designed to be totally flexible so clubs can start positive conversations in their club. The program can also be utilised by families at home. The important thing is to encourage all young Australians to find ways to be kind to their bodies.

“I am so thrilled to be part of Body Kind Movement for 2021,” said Kait Carter, Marketing Manager of Gymnastics NSW.

“Growing up I too felt that external influence when it came to what I looked like, and I can’t begin to picture the additional pressures in our new digital world. For me, going to gymnastics was somewhere that I could celebrate being strong and capable. To have a program such as Body Kind available for our clubs to celebrate what our bodies can do in our sport is exciting,” said Ms. Carter.

Body Kind Week will take place in the first weekend of September. Clubs and families can sign up now for Body Kind to receive their free kit.

Register your club or family at