A double Olympic debut

TeamGNSW officially wrapped up their Olympic campaign over the weekend, with Jessica Pickering and Dominic Clarke making their Olympic debut in trampoline gymnastics.

Jessica Pickering gymnast took to the Ariake Gymnastics Centre on Friday 30 July at 2pm (AEST), after training in Japan ahead of the games.
The 20-year-old athlete of Eastlake Trampoline Sports has been on an incredible journey – from a set-up and pack-up gym at a high school hall in Belmont, NSW to stepping out onto world stage as one of the top 16 trampoline gymnasts across the globe! Not only did Jess have to find ways to stay fit and train during a pandemic, but she was also one of the younger gymnasts at the trampoline event.

First up, the Australian gave a little wave to the camera as she walked out onto the arena before taking her place in line with the other gymnasts for an introduction and then warm up.

After two short routines and a score of 34.190, finals weren’t on the cards for our superstar.

24 hours later, it was Dominic Clarke’s turn to take on the world. With a smile to the camera and a deep breath Dominic Clarke mounted to trampoline to make his official Olympic debut.

The 24-year-old gymnast, who trains at Sydney Gymnastics Centre, positioned himself as one to watch, finishing the preliminary round with a final score of 111.68 and qualifying for Olympic finals in an impressive 4th position.

While Australia held its breath, Dominic started his routine strong, showing an impressive level of difficulty and height. Sadly, with just a few skills to go, a small error ended his routine early, finishing in 8th position with a final score of 24.955 - the greatest Olympic trampoline result since Jai Wallace jumped to Silver at the Sydney 2000 Games. Although not what he would have hoped, Dom remained all class, walking from the trampoline with a big smile and giving a standing ovation to Oceanic team mate Dylan Schmidt as he jumped onto the podium.

Gymnastics NSW CEO Aaron Bloomfield says he was overjoyed to see the Aussie trampolinists on the world stage.

“Jess and Dom are incredible role models for all gymnasts,” he said. “Both of them continue to show their strength and dedication, showcasing not only their talent but outstanding sportsmanship on the world stage. We are so proud of them both.”

A big congratulations must also go to coaches Brett Austine and Belinda Cox who have coached Jess and Dom to this pinnacle event.

Jess and Dom, you are both absolute stars and we would not be prouder.