Introducing Gymnastics NSW’s Integrity Manager! 

When a child feels safe, they are empowered with the freedom to be themselves. To learn, grow, explore, and thrive. At Gymnastics NSW, we strive to create a caring culture that has wellbeing and safety at its heart. Which is why we are overjoyed to introduce the latest addition to Team GNSW – Integrity Manager Dr Tilda Khoshaba! For 16 years, Dr Khoshaba worked as an advocate for NRL players, supporting their wellbeing throughout their careers, whether they were starting out, injured, retiring or, for a handful, before the courts.

“Every day was different, but the level of satisfaction I got when I was able to help an athlete overcome those issues, or to see them excel on the field, it was just amazing,” said the former Director of the Rugby League Players Association. “Even now, I still communicate regularly with athletes I worked with closely.”

Her career has also included heading up the Department for Sports Business at the Australian College of Physical Education, gaining a PhD in employment relations and sport, chairing the first Beyond the Game Conference in Sydney (focused on athlete mental and physical health), and so much more!

Gymnastics Connection

Not only does Dr Khoshaba have extensive experience supporting athletes, but she was also a gymnast herself once upon a time.

“While I only participated in gymnastics for a few years, there were skills I was able to learn from it and use in other areas, like critical thinking and fundamental movement skills,” she said.

What Does an Integrity Manager Do?

The integrity manager creates and implements a strategy, along with policies, at the state and club level on a variety of topics, including child health, safety and wellbeing and complaint handling.

While it’s a huge task, sometimes the simple things can make the biggest difference, Dr Khoshaba said. “If we create a caring, open environment, and bring in the right type of people, you can build trust and help kids develop,” she said.

“Ultimately, I'd love for every child to go into gymnastics and know they are safe. And know, it doesn't matter how well they do gymnastics or not. It's about them going in and enjoying themselves. To be able to walk out, and say I feel good about myself.”