After two decades, CEO Aaron Bloomfield farewells Gymnastics NSW

A message from Gymnastics NSW Chief Executive Officer, Aaron Bloomfield

To my valued Gymnastics NSW community, 

With the 2026 Commonwealth Games in Victoria, the 2032 Brisbane Olympics within sight, and as the sport emerges from COVID in good shape, it is an exciting time for gymnastics. The right leadership, planning, and oversight will see the sport come together, be inspired, and achieve great things. Gymnastics NSW has a great team in place and has done the preparatory work to ensure that it will remain a dominant and positive influence during these exciting times.

As the sport emerges from COVID it is also a time of reflection and change. Despite genuinely loving my job and loving the sport in all its forms, after much thought, careful consideration, and self-reflection the time is right that this exciting time is one for a new Gymnastics NSW Chief Executive.

I will be forever grateful to have been entrusted with the duty to serve Gymnastics NSW as its Chief Executive. I accepted the responsibility at the age of twenty-six, I turn forty-six this year. After almost twenty years I will be embarking upon a new challenge as Australian Director for much loved international cultural institution.  The organisation will be advising its members in the coming weeks and out of respect for them I am unable to share its name at this stage.

I have always been committed to enabling those around me and am proud that under my leadership New South Wales has been an innovative, inclusive, forward thinking, can-do organisation that places people at the centre of what we do. Gymnastics NSW has a great team who selflessly go above and beyond in order to get the job done, this culture and good work will endure in my absence.

My most fond memories of the sport will be of the genuinely good people I have met and formed friendships with. I am always humbled by the selfless passion and drive of many in our diverse community whether that be the staff team, committees, volunteers, clubs or members. Gymnastics is one sport with many, many branches. As CEO I have had the privilege of connecting with each and every one of those branches and enabling and empowering them to achieve our shared goals and dreams.

Being part of gymnastics is a lifestyle and not a job. From the age of seven when I first joined the sport and indeed forevermore, the sport has been and will be in my blood. In many ways it has shaped who I am as a person and I feel pride knowing that I, along with all of the wonderful and passionate people I have had the privilege of working alongside, have helped shape it for the better.

I will be forever grateful to Carol Mills, Philip Western, and Don Bollard for the support and guidance shown as Chair and to the Board who have helped provide certainty during uncertain times.
Thank you for all of your support and friendship over the years. Gymnastics is a remarkable sport that I am so proud to be part of. This was an incredibly difficult decision for me to make.

It has been a privilege serving Gymnastics NSW as Chief Executive.
Aaron Bloomfield
Chief Executive - Gymnastics NSW