Child Safe Standard 1
Child Safe Standard 10: Policies and Procedures document how the organization is child safe
Gymnastics NSW believes child saftey and wellbeing is everyones responsibility. When child safe policies and procedures are implemented effectively it ensures all stakeholders including organisational staff, volunteers and young people and their families are aware of how together our community meets its obligations to create an environment that is safe for children. 
Guiding Principles and Key Behaviours

Child Safe Standard 10: 
 Policies and Procedures document how the organisation is child safe. 

Key Behaviours: Gymnastics NSW provides oversight and support to technical members, clubs and the members to champion a culture of compliance and ensure they understand our commitment and approach to child safety and wellbeing. Gymnastics NSW policies and procedures address all child safe standards. Our community is unformed about our commitment on child safety and that we take child safety seriously. We make our policies and procedures easily accessible and expect these to be upheld. 

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4. Complaints Handling and Displine - Access via Gymnastics NSW Policies 

Gymnastics NSW grievance and discipline procedures ensure natural justice and due process. 

5.  Governance Policies  - Access via Gymnastics NSW Policies 
Gymnastics NSW is committed to a sound governance framework to ensure expectations are clear, decisions fair and consistent, and accountabilities understood. 

  1. Conflict of Interest Policy
  2. Reportable Gifts Policy
  3. Whistleblower Protection Policy 
  4. Privacy Policy
  5. Delegations Policy
  6. Financial Delegations Policy
  7. Governance of Data Policy 

6.  Risk - Access via Gymnastics NSW Policies 
Risk Management is both an individual and a corporate responsibility. A systematic approach to risk management ensures all representatives involved understand the environment in which they operate and allow them to anticipate and manage issues that may impact upon desired objectives.

  1. Risk Management Plan [Version 1: 2005] 
  2. Risk management Continual Improvement procedures (refer to Member Protection Policy and Child Safe Policy for Risk Matrix)
  3. Workplace Health and Safety Policy (Version 1: 2007)
  4. Workplace Health and Safety Consultation Statement (Version 1: 2007) 

7.  Recruitment and Selection - Access via Gymnastics NSW Policies  and the Gymnastics NSW Business Hub

  1. Working With Children Check
  2. Volunteer Policy
  3. Child Safe Representative Training
  4. Child Safe Representative Course
  5. Member Protection Information Officer Course 

What we expect to hear children say: 
"Adults have rules to keep me safe"
"My parents and I know where to find the rules that keep me safe."
"I can understand what the rules mean"

Ongoing Commitment
Gymnastics NSW is committed to ensuring that clear rules and standards are easily accessible to our members. We are transparent in our practices and will be held accountable for any breach of our polices or standards. Gymnastics NSW achieves this through development of policies, procedures and guidelines that meet or exceed government regulation and recommendations and reflect the UN International rights of the Child and political and social standards. .

Gymnastics NSW achieves this through development of policies, procedures and guidelines that meet or exceed government regulation and recommendation and reflect the UN International Rights of the Child and political and social standards.  

Gymnastics NSW achieve this through:

  1. Empowering  The UN Rights of the Child are at the core of Gymnastics NSW practice and the National Child Safe Principles are recognized at every level of organisation to ensure that all children and young people have a right to a safe, nurturing and respectful sporting environment. 
  2. Enforce  Gymnastics NSW has a regulatory framework in place to act on any wrongdoing in a fair and equitable manner. See Standard 6  for more information
  3. Resources In early 2019 Gymnastics NSW released a suite of resources to inform and educate clubs and members of the recommendations from Royal Commission into Child Sexual Offences. These same principles, today, mirror 10 National Child Safe Principals. 
  4. Policy  Since 2004 Gymnastics NSW child safety and wellbeing resources have been adopted to maintain and foster a “duty of Care” environment where the wellbeing of all children and young people is nurtured and protected. A number of club specific resources have been developed and are available to clubs through the Gymnastics NSW Business Hub.
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