Child Safe Standard 1
Child Safe Standard 4: Equity is upheld, and diverse needs are taken into account
Gymnastics NSW believes children and young people should be provided with an equal opportunity to participate. We recognise children and young people come from diverse background and embrace all regardless of the ability, sex, gender or social economic and cultural backgrounds. 
Guiding Principles and Key Behaviours
Child Safe Standard 4: Equity is upheld, and diverse needs are taken into account. 
Article 2 of the United Nations Rights of the Child: All children have rights, no matter who they are, where they live, what their parents do, what language they speak, what their religion is, their sex or gender, what their culture is, where they have a disability, whether they are rich or poor. 
Key Behaviours: Gymnastics NSW develops, promotes and engages programs and activities to enable participation. We develop community partnerships at national, state and local level and strive for excellence in inclusive practices through adaptable program deliver.  We acknowledge the importance of children to build relationships, skills and have access to resources that keep them safe. 

What we expect to hear children say: 
"I feel proud of my background."
"I am treated fairly." 
"I feel included."
"I feel safe to talk about my differences."
Ongoing Commitment 

Gymnastics NSW is committed to ensuring that equity us upheld and diverse needs are taken into account. We achieve this through:

  1. Policy - The Gymnastics NSW Access and Equity Strategy was adopted in 2013 and was supported through the adoption of the Inclusion and Equity policy as of the Gymnastics NSW Organisational Culture Policies in 2013 (Found under Policies) . 
  2. Partnerships- Gymnastics NSW is a signatory to the UN antidiscrimination pledge to ‘Stop Racism Now’, and it was recognised as a finalist at the Australian Migration and Settlement Awards for a program involving young Muslim girls. In 2019 Gymnastics NSW partnered with the Red Cross for mental health training in regional and remote communities and we are an active consultative partner with Pride in Sport.
  3. Programs - Gymnastics NSW promotes a number of programs that have inclusion at their core including KinderGym, Gymnastics for All,  Rebound Therapy and Disability recreational and competition programs. GNSW also offers Special Olympics events in Men’s Artistic, Women’s Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics. 
  4. Programs In 2019 Gymnastics NSW established a Member Support Fund administered by a dedicated Member Support Committee. The fund was established solely to provide assistance to athletes and officials who are experiencing genuine financial hardship and have been selected to represent NSW at the Australian Championships or have three or more athletes from one family attending State Championships. 
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