Advanced Coach Accreditation

You’ve decided to take the next step on the Coaching Pathway – the Advanced Accreditation. 

In gymnastics, there are many different types of coaches who coach at all levels of the spectrum. We have full time career coaches, casual coaches and junior coaches. For this reason, Gymnastics Australia have developed two different pathways to assist coaches on their journey to advanced.  

Once you have reached the age of 17 you will be able to choose which Advanced Pathway is right for you. Gymnastics Australia currently offer the Performance and/or the Participation Pathway. 

Which pathway will you choose? 

Participation Pathway

The Participation Pathway is for any coach who wishes to build on their coaching expertise and start teaching somersaults and other tumbling skills.

It's concise and designed for the coach who is working at the lower end of the Advanced Skills framework. It is completed in a small timer frame and upon its completion allows a coach to become a GfA advanced Coach or transition in to the Performance Pathway for other Gymsports. 

If you are teaching relatively low levels only a few days a week this might be the ideal pathway for you.  

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Performance Pathway

The Performance Pathway is designed for a competitive coach looking to gain a broader, in-depth understanding of planning and developing athletes safely into an elite type program.

This pathway will introduce the biomechanics principles as they relate to gymnastics, therefore enabling you to take to take your athletes to the next level.

This pathway also allows you to work towards gaining your Advanced Silver and High Performance Accreditations.  If you are someone looking for career in coaching then this the pathway for you! 

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