Workforce Development

In 2014, Gymnastics NSW conducted a workforce development survey which indicated that 60% of clubs require more coaches and/or more experienced coaches.

A common issue that many clubs in NSW have identified is not having enough qualified coaches available. Gymnastics NSW are striving to assist clubs with this ongoing issue and to help identify alternate pathways of coach development

There is need for workforce planning within gymnastics to ensure clubs have enough qualified coaches to service their members.

Gymnastics NSW offers a variety of opportunities and pathways to assist clubs in securing a sustainable workforce for the future.

Leadership and Coach DevelopmentLeadership & Coach Development
Discover our Leadership Pathway that supports young people to build a career in Gymnastics
volunteerInterning and Volunteering
Volunteer, Intern or try Work Experience at the hub of NSW Gymnastics.  
Study Gymnastics for your HSC
Have you considered studying Gymnastics for your HSC? Discover how you can get involved in a once in a life time opportunity. 
Presenting and assessing Presenter and Assessor Opportunities
Do you love to teach? Discover the exciting world of course presenting
Study abroadStudy Gymnastics Abroad
Discover how you can apply for a once in a lifetime scholarship to Denmark!
Becoming a coach is a great opportunity for your development.
Find out some of the things that will impact on your new role

Gymnast to Coach  

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