Acrobatic Gymnastics (ACR) 

Balance Routines
Artful demonstrations of strength, balance, flexibility and agility. 


Dynamic Routines
Showing flight from throws, boosts, pitches and catches. 
Combination Routines
Elements from the balance and dynamic routines. 
Women's Pairs Category
One base and one top. 
Men's Pairs Category
One base and one top
Mixed Pairs Category
A male base and a female top.


Women's Groups Category 
A base, middle and top


Men's Fours Category
A base, middle one, middle two and a top.


If you'd like to take your acrobatic career further, find out more about specific Acrobatic Gymnastics judging and coaching courses .

Acrobatic Gymnastics is governed internationally by the Federation Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG).