Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Gymnastics cost?

Costs vary between clubs however you can expect to pay both a term fee and an annual registration fee (which includes insurance cover and Gymnastics NSW membership) at each club.

If your child reaches the competitive level you will have the additional costs involved with competitions such as entry fees and uniforms.

As a parent or caregiver, how can I get involved?

We love having the parents of our gymnasts involved in their chosen sport. After all, it’s exciting to see your child progress, learn new skills and come home bouncing off the walls because they managed to stick a skill they’ve been working at for months. There’s no better feeling – for the gymnast and the coach!

As with any sporting association, there is always a call out for volunteers to ensure the ongoing enjoyment for our children.  Volunteers may be required to assist with fundraising and event operations.

I’d love my child to do gymnastics but I’m not interested in competitions, can he/she just do gymnastics for fun?

YES! All our gymnastics clubs are about participation and fun! All our clubs offer classes that are perfect for children who want to come along and do gymnastics once a week. These classes are ideal for children to improve their development and coordination and assist them with other sporting or academic endeavours.

What does my child need to wear?

For most classes girls should wear a gymnastics leotard and boys should wear a singlet or t-shirt and shorts. In the interest of safety, accessories such as belts, buckles and jewellery should be left at home.  Hair should be pulled neatly and securely away from the face.  All students should be barefoot while in class. 

How do I enrol my child into a gymnastics class?

First you will need to find your nearest club using our club finder.  Then contact your club via telephone or email to obtain more information on their enrolment process.

Are your coaches qualified?

All of our coaches are fully qualified and accredited with Gymnastics Australia.
All Gymnastics NSW affiliated clubs are required to ensure that all their staff (including coaches) are assessed for suitability to work with children and young people.  

Do I have to stay with my child during classes?

Each club will have their own guidelines on whether you will need to remain with your child during their class. 
For children under the age of four, parents are required to actively participate with their child at all times.